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[Other games] don't encourage the kind of ethical decision making that will be required of future pioneers. Perhaps ECO can offer a solution.

Jordan Shapiro

Eco will help the next wave of decision-makers understand the impact of their choices on the environment, climate, and biosphere. Eco is beautiful, ambitious and important.

Kenneth Karakotsios

Eco is one of the most ambitious and original concepts I've seen in a while.

Jeffrey Matulef

Looks amazing. I've never seen a game concept so beautifully designed around systems thinking and evidence-backed decision-making.

Bret Victor
UI Concept Designer

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Build a civilization in a simulated ecosystem

Eco is an online game where players must collaborate to build a civilization in a world where everything they do affects the environment. All resources come from a simulated ecosystem, with thousands of plants and animals simulating 24/7. Work together through the player-run government and economy to build the technology to stop a meteor on a collision course with the planet, without polluting the world and killing it off in the process before that even happens. Current Status: Alpha is released and open for players.

Introducing Constitutions in Eco – 9.0 Update

Hey Eco citizens, we’ve been heads-down working on getting Eco 9.0 ready and it’s getting close, REAL close, date to be announced soon! One of the main focuses of this update is the government system. So to start the hype train up for 9.0 (choo-choo) we’re starting a series of blogs and streams, launched each week…

Strange Loop Games becomes founding Member of the Playing for the Planet Alliance

Eco aims to address climate change through the medium of video games We were honored to announce at the United Nations Climate Summit this week that with Eco and our future titles, we’re joining forces with other game companies to be founding members of the ‘Playing for the Planet Alliance’.

Towns, Nations, and United Nations: Multiple Governments in Eco.

Hey all, for this week's newsletter I want to go into some big ideas we have for Eco 9 with levels of government. We’re exploring ideas about how to bring multiple levels of government to Eco, and how their growing and combining would work within the game.  Along with that comes a new approach to property. Check it out and let us know your feedback, this is an initial concept so lots more to be designed still.

Mining with Realism – Wet and Dry Tailings

Hey folks, this week I wanted to show you the fancy new mining system we’re creating in Eco, and how ingredients will be processed. Since animations speak louder than words, check out this diagram!  

The Design Pillars of Eco

This week I’d like to dive into the core of Eco’s design a bit, and talk about the principles that guide the design and development of the game. These are things that go way back to the beginning ideas of what Eco would be, and are used to this day to determine what we choose to bring next in the game.